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Slumber soundly under the luxurious warmth of Cuddle Down's St. Moritz down duvet.  Filled with only the finest Canadian Hutterite White Goose down.  The Hutterite's raise their geese in the old European tradition, Hutterites gather down highly prized for its quality and warmth.

St. Moritz Goose Down Duvets by Cuddle Down c Goose Down Duvets by Cuddle Down

  • 100% White Cotton Sateen Cover

    500 Thread Count

    800+ Loft Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down

    Ozone treated (nature's way of cleaning)

    Ultra Fresh Treated


    12" Baffle Box Construction
    Made in Canada





  • Size Dimensions Light Mid Season Deluxe
    Twin 64" X 89" 18 oz. 22 oz. 26 oz.
    Double 80" X 89" 23 oz. 28 oz. 33 oz.
    Queen 88" X 90" 25 oz. 31 oz. 36 oz.
    King 104" X 90" 31 oz. 38 oz. 43 oz.
    Super King 118" X 100" 39 oz. 48 oz. 56 oz.


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