Thinsulate™ Insulation is the perfect lightweight, down-alternative fill for pillows and duvets. The filler is comprised of an unique four fibre blend of 100% polyester. Premium quality with a luxurious loft, Thinsulate™ pillows and duvets are hypoallergenic. Duvets filled with Thinsulate™ Insulation are made with insulation extended fully into the outer edges of the cotton shell and are sewn in a box pattern to prevent the insulation from shifting. Thinsulate duvets have the breathability and warmth of down products. Pillows and duvets are also moisture resistant and have an excellent wash durability.

Thinsulate Duvet by Revelle Home Fashions

  • 100% Combed Cotton Sateen Shell
    400 Thread Count
    100% Polyester Thinsulate Fill
    Made in Canada





  • Dimensions Weight
    Crib 38" X 48" 24 oz.
    Twin 68" X 88" 42 oz.
    Double 80" X 88" 49 oz.
    Queen 90" X 94" 55 oz.
    King 106" X 94" 65 oz.